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Insight has been providing corporate psychology services in AUS and NZ since 2005. Founded by Grant Brecht who established the original CORPsych one of the first EAP Australian EAP providers in 1995, Insight's senior management team have been providing corporate psychology services since the mid 1980s.

A boutique provider we believe in helping individuals, teams and organisations thrive (wellbeing + performance) through the use of psychological theories and practice. Whether in need to mental health support throughout the organisation, or seeking to enhance the capabilities of staff, Insight understands how to engage and deliver services which bring results. 

Over time Insight has focussed on designing and delivering high quality services/solutions to organisations facung unique challenges and opportunities. This has included helping onboard new senior leadership teams to set and allign an organisational culture, providing access to high quality mental health services for organisations based in remote locations, developing leadership capabilites to help business leaders lead their organisation during exceptional growth, providing in house mental health services for some of Australia's most recognised elite sporting teams, helping organisation's identify recruit individuals with the correct personality/culture fit to maximise the impact of the recruit to name a few.

We are passionate about what we do, and believe that by providing Australia's largest captured population, the workforce, with easy and welcoming access to mental health support and capabilities development we can do out part in reducing the rates of mental health issues in Australia and help organisations thrive to exceed their expectations. 

We encourage you to travel our website and look forward to working with you now, or sometime in the future.


There are many organisations providing what appear to be similar services/programs to ours. Our first point of difference is that our team are all Masters level trained Psychologists with very real and extensive experience in providing bespoke individual, and organisational people enhancement solutions in both the corporate and sporting sector. Director, Grant Brecht, founded and grew CORPsych, which provided similar services prior to being bought by a large international company. Due to the hard work, passion and dedication of the CORPsych team, a legacy was left after 12 years of never losing an EAP client. They were known for delivering programs built on a foundation of quality and performance.

Our second point of difference is the passion we have for our work. The relationships we build with our clients and the extra effort we are known for, builds lasting partnerships in our business context. We believe and receive regular feedback that our strong values based around: collaboration, solution focused, changing lives, elite performance, passion, and resilience are experienced by others through our actions and interactions with them.

Our Senior Team


Grant Brecht 

Grant was the founding director of CORPsych and now Insight Elite Performance Psychology. He has over 25 years’ experience building his own businesses and working with clients such as Deloittes, SAP, Apple, Optus, GlaxoSmithkline, Westpac, Merc  Sharpe & Dohme, Lion and Sanitarium Health Care.

With his background in Clinical,  Organisational and elite Sport Psychology, he is able to coach and guide executives , leaders, teams and whole organisations through positive transformational change to enhance their individual, team and organisational outcomes.

Grant’s extensive experience coupled with his energy and enthusiastic passion helps guide and motivate individuals and teams to strive towards elite performances in order to achieve sustainable levels of success across all aspects of their lives.

He has a passionate interest in mental health, especially in assisting people and teams to be proactive in their approach to this very important area of their lives. He is an ardent advocate of people learning strategies and techniques to build their resilience levels in order to enhance their self-efficacy. Grant utilises positive and performance psychology techniques in his work which aid and assist individuals in setting a course to being the very best they can be.

Grant has authored six books and presented workshops, keynotes and conference presentations across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, America, China and South East Asia. In 2005 Grant was award Life Membership of the Employee Assistance Professional Association of Australia for ‘a significant contribution to the industry’ and in 2009 was awarded lifetime accreditation by Human Synergistics in their suite of development tools.

He is a registered Psychologist and member of the Australian Psychological Society, and College of Clinical Psychologists.


Oliver Brecht 

Oliver’s dynamic and innovative approach is centred on an empathic and solution focused attitude. Oliver’s inclusion in the team has helped boost the scope of services that IEPP offers and he is the link that organisations need to communicate and understand the next generation. 

Oliver completed his Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at the University of South Australia before returning to Sydney and completing his Masters of Professional Psychology at the University of Wollongong. During this time Oliver gained experience through volunteering as a Lifeline Telephonce Crisis Supporter, working as a Blackdog R.E.A.C.H facilitator and completing a placement with NSW Corrective Services.

Since joining IEPP Oliver worked extensively with the players and coaching staff at the Sydney Swans AFL and Sydney Roosters NRL clubs. Oliver has provided personal coaching and team development initiatives to players and coaches within these teams, and regularly provides support to jockeys across NSW and the ACT.

Oliver has worked on major culture enhancement, team development and leadership development initiatives with a number of high profile organisations and individual clients across Australia. He has accreditation in the human synergistic suite of individual, team and organisational tools.

Professional memberships:

  • President of the Employee Assistance Professional Association of Australasia 
  • Associate member of the APS 


  • Bachelor of Psychology, Hons
  • Master of Professional Psychology
  • Lifeline Telephone Crisis Supporter
  • Black Dog R.E.A.C.H facilitator


IEPP Provider Network

IEPP has an extensive nation wide and international network of over 300 highly qualified and experienced psychologists and consultants, who partner with us to provide our EAP and other services across Australia and overseas. 


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