Insight Elite Performance Psychology

The awareness of mental health issues and their impacts is continuing to grow in Australia and abroad. It now believed that at any time 1 in 6 (working age Australians) are battling a mental illness. It is becoming more apparent just how many of us are currently suffering from some form of mental health issue or will experience these challenges in the future. 

IEPP believes that everyone deserves access to high quality caring support which is not only solution focused to handle their current symptoms and issues, but also focused on making them resilient in the future so that they can tackle life head on and be able to cope with whatever might come their way. 

IEPP staff are trained psychologists and our staff range greatly in backgrounds, demographics, personalities, and own personal experiences of mental health. 

IEPP can assist you to navigate the challenges you are facing by coaching you to gain awareness and utilise evidence based strategies and techniques to build resilience and solutions moving forward, to help you regain your life, well-being, and self-confidence. 


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