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Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) have been in Australia since 1984, in this time the programs have been helping organisations maintain the mental health and well-being of their employees. 

Unfortunately recent changes to the EAP model overseas and interest from investors has seen the quality of the programs drop away and potential benefits to organisations and their members be significantly effected.

According to a 2014 report by Beyond Blue, 1 in 5 Australian Employees report taking time off work in the last 12 months due to mental health issues. That equates to 20% of the workforce. Most EAP programs report utilisation rates nowhere near this figure, in fact it’s somewhere between 3-5%. This indicates that the programs are not being utilized to the level needed to help make a significant difference in the mental health of Australian’s, causing a huge loss in productivity and resources within organisations. 

IEPP provides EAPs firmly cemented in the foundations of quality, awareness and proactive support. We do not compromise on these values and necessary benchmarking criteria in our programs. We do this to ensure that they are of true benefit to the employees and the organisations we work and partner with to continuously develop these services.

Beyond high quality counseling, we work extensively with HR personnel within the organisations to provide easy to understand and relevant reporting. This helps the organisation action appropriate methods to help increase the psychosocial safety of their workplace and pre-empt psychological issues which can detract from employees mental health and productivity.


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