Insight Elite Performance Psychology

IEPP works with individuals in two realms: mental-health/well-being and personal effectiveness. 


The mental health/well-being services IEPP offers to individuals help them regain and build upon their mental health and well-being. Predominately this service comes in the form of clinical psychological counseling, however IEPP also offers support for mediation, relationship counseling and case consulting to help individuals bring together all their support networks (or source support networks) to identify a clear list of goals and understanding. 

All IEPP staff are masters level psychologists or clinical psychologists with extensive training and experience.

Our staff combine a warm caring manner with a solution focused philosophy to support people but also help them work through the issues they are struggling with. We aim not just to help the individual in the moment, but also help them develop resilience and positive problem solving techniques to help them maintain their mental health, resilience and well-being in the face of whatever future challenges life throws them.

personal effectiveness

IEPP has extensive experience helping people take their performance at work to the next level by supporting them to develop their personal effectiveness and management skills. 

IEPP provides one-on-one coaching to help people transition through an Awareness-Acceptance-Action model of change. This aids the individual to assess and accept their current strengths and weaknesses, the effect their thought processes, behavior and interactions are having on their functioning, and implement an action plan to increase their performance. The action plans we develop with the individual are centered on behaviors they need to stop-start-keep actioning to positively influence their performance.



“We have been extremely fortunate to partner with Insight Elite Performance Psychology to provide these elite athletes with a service that has made a major positive impact on many of their lives.”

Tony Crisafi – National Manager National Jockeys Trust



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