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Becoming an effective leader is about transforming your skills, focus and energy from a competent performer to being highly effective at creating a setting for others to be their best. Understanding that motivation, skill sets and experience varies between individuals, and being able to bring all members together to form a united purpose and vision for your team is key to leadership.

Some people are natural leaders who assume the role, they see it and embrace it as part of their journey. Others do not sit as comfortably in a leadership role and can find it quite daunting and demanding. Whether you are a natural leader or not, leadership skills, just like any other skill, can be fostered and developed. Leadership development is essential to advancing your performance and seeing yourself realise your potential and the potential of the team you are leading.

IEPP utilizes an Awareness – Acceptance – Action approach to leadership development. We use a range of psychometric tools including the highly renowned Human Synergistics suite of development tools to help individuals gain insight into how their thoughts and behaviors affect their ability to get tasks done efficiently and effectively, as well as the impact on their ability to lead those around them.

We utilise 360-degree feedback to gain perspective on how the individual’s behaviors and actions are being perceived by those around them.

IEPP team members help guide and coach participants develop action plans that can help them improve their effectiveness at work and develop their leadership to effectively motivate and manage their team. 


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