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IEPP works with organisations to help them create a higher performing environment, maximising executive, leader, and employee talents, skills and motivations.

IEPP has extensive experience helping organisations develop constructive cultures which has direct links to increased and sustainable effectiveness.

IEPP utilises a range of diagnostic and profiling tools, which ensures that our work is not simply identifying the “climate” of the organization or “doing a survey for survey’s sake”. We utilise tools which identify the underlying culture of the organization (the way we do things around here), the major influencing (causal) factors of the culture, and identifies the effect this culture is having on the organisation’s effectiveness. Our work then helps identify real change the organisation can initiate to set a journey of constructive growth.

The founding members of IEPP have been providing Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) in Australia since the mid 80’s. We are passionate about providing quality EAP programs to help organisations look after the mental health of their employees.

We focus on quality, awareness and proactive assistance in our EAP programs to ensure not only that we provide the best quality counseling but also that every employee is aware of the EAP and is able to access it discretely and confidentially. 

We work closely with HR departments to help instill appropriate changes and developments to counteract mental health issues prominent in their workspace. From this quality, awareness, and proactive change foundation, we provide bespoke services tailored to the unique characteristics of each client organisation.



"Grant, Oliver and Suzie from Insight have been a very valued addition to our team effort to create a winning environment and culture at the Sydney Roosters.”

Trent Robinson – Head Coach Sydney Roosters 



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