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How a team works together can be the difference between sustainable elite performance and inconsistent mediocre performance, with the team never reaching its full potential. IEPP tailors team development programs around the needs of each team that we work with.

We understand that the strengths and weaknesses of every team is different, for example some teams may need help better communicating with each other to get the tasks completed effectively and efficiently, where as other teams may have strong bonds and communication between team members but fail to turn this into consistent output to the standard required. IEPP looks to partner with your team to identify the strengths and work areas, then build on the work areas through the strengths present.

We have a long history in helping both corporate and sporting teams identify their barriers to elite performance. Helping them align their staff (players) to personal and team goals which each member feels they own. This has a direct and positive impact on the teams development to consistent elite performance. 

Each team is unique in regard to requirements and personnel. Please contact us to discuss your team’s needs and we will be more then happy to discuss how IEPP can help your team overcome current issues, prepare for future issues and elevate its performance to meet its true potential. 



“I have now utilised the services of Grant Brecht from IEPP in my last two CEO roles. IEPP has been a great partner in our efforts to build a highly functioning Executive Leadership team and also build a culture within our teams and the organisation as a whole that allows individuals to be the very best they can be.”

Grant Harrod – CEO LJ Hooker 



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